Limiting the environmental footprint caused to our seas by our daily habits: Collaboration between the Archipelagos Institute and KORRES

Date: April 21, 2021

When we talk about protecting the environment and combating pollution, our mind usually goes to causes and causers that are difficult for us as citizens to influence, such as industrial pollution. Frequently do not think about the large environmental footprint caused by our daily consumption habits, i.e. the personal hygiene products, cosmetics and cleaning products that we use and end up in the marine environment, polluting it with the harmful or toxic chemicals they may contain.

In the difficult battle that Archipelagos Institute is giving for the protection of our seas, it is very important to have the citizens on our side, as each of us can make a difference if we change our daily consumption habits. Especially those related to the heavy footprint that we cause daily to the natural environment, often unintentionally.

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