Med Sea Alliance

The Med Sea Alliance is a campaign movement created in 2020 to bring together non-government organizations and other civil society groups working to improve the health and productivity of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our Vision

The Med Sea Alliance’s vision is a Mediterranean Sea with a rich and resilient ecosystem, where the rules and practice of fishing support the health of the marine environment and benefit the communities that depend on it. Our goal is for the Mediterranean Sea to no longer be seen as a resource for endless exploitation, but as a shared natural treasure to be protected for generations to come.

News & Updates


2 November 2022: Members of the Med Sea Alliance, a diverse coalition of NGOs, today launched a new data atlas which, for the first-time, maps areas permanently closed to bottom trawling across the Mediterranean and investigates illegal trawling in these areas.

The Atlas is an online tool that maps presumed and confirmed infringements of bottom trawling in areas where it is permanently banned to protect sensitive habitats and depleted fish stocks. The Atlas has been released ahead of the 45th meeting of the GFCM*, the fisheries management body responsible for the Mediterranean. During the period of January 2020 – December 2021, the Atlas recorded incidents of possible bottom trawling in 35 closed areas by 305 different apparent vessels across 9518 apparent days of fishing activity (based on Global Fishing Watch data¹) and 169 cases of confirmed infractions between 2018 and 2020, based on MedReAct research on media outlets and information released by national control authorities.

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