Akdeniz Koruma Derneği

Mediterranean is the oldes sea which has been known. It means “sea in the middle of the earth”. Humanity has founded the modern society along the Mediterranean coasts where have presented the biological richness for throusand years on which those foundations have been built.

First theatres of the world, foundations of the modern society and democrasy have emerged along those coasts. Mediterranean has been the only one which has been subject to so severe human pressure for 2200 years. Many threats including overfishing, coastal development, destruction of wild life, pollution, invasive species, and climate change has transformed the historical biological richness of the Mediterranean. Mediterranean is under siege! Mediterranean Conservation Society has set off to conserve the nature sites of the ecosystem and to improve the degragaded sites. Mediterranean Conservation Society aims to be an important part of the global conservation action and supports other current activities. It is not likely that one single organization can save the world so Mediterranean Conservation Society places a lot of importance on any kind of constructive cooperation heading the same vision with AKD Mediterranean Conservation Society, sets ‘number and area of marine protected areas’ as one of its main action areas. The ratio of no take zones in Mediterranean is currently less than 1%. AKD believes that this ratio should be 20% overall Mediterranean to restore the sustainable biological richness of Mediterranean.

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